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Greater business freedom through digital automation

Business Growth Through Smart Digital Strategy and Automation

Our purpose is to help you build greater business freedom so that you have more available time. This is achieved by helping you understand and use the best digital technology to automate the less enjoyable aspects of your business, so you can do more of what you love.
As the speed of technology change increases, so has the pressure on time. By using the right digital tools and automation, greater time, and financial freedom is the natural result. This may include:
  • Digital marketing and cloud strategy to empower greater organic growth.
  • Building engaging online websites and learning communities.
  • Supporting your e-learning strategy, creation and technology set-up.
  • Whiteboard animated handwritten (doodles) or cartoon ‘explainer’ videos and video hosting.
  • WordPress and BuddyPress website optimization and automation, specialising in the Learndash LMS plugin and Groundhogg Marketing Automation set-up to build engaging online communities.
  • Helping you automate to gain more time and financial freedom to more rapidly achieve your goals.

What We Do

Social Learning Communities

Social networking as part of online learning boosts retention and engagement.

Digital & Cloud Strategy

Get help to define your digital and cloud technology roadmap for greater productivity flow and more efficient business success.

Learning Management Setup

Setting up the right technology to deliver and efficiently sell online courses. Often this maybe using Learndash.

Marketing Strategy

Websites needs to convert visitors into conversations, rather than be a static website brochure. Then you can build trust along the stages towards gaining a new customer.

Website Design & Development

WordPress website and landing page creation and design to find new leads and convert visitors.

Social Media Strategy

A well-planned content strategy that appeals to your target audience, supported by good analytics ensures you have predictable revenue growth.

Video Streaming & Editing

Live streaming as a powerful marketing tool, or animated video content to engage and enhance uptake & learning.

Course Creation & Content

The strategy and methods to build engaging courses and blog content to sell a profitable online course.

The Non-Agency Model

We don’t have pool tables, fancy-pants boardrooms or flash signs on our building. In fact, we don’t even have a physical office. Our business is built on a team that all work from home offices across NZ and Australia. We prefer online meetings, rather than clogging up the roads with more cars, which is much better for the environment. We also think that to be good at looking after New Zealand and Australian businesses, we have to be down-to-earth, to like and connect with real people.


This keeps us nimble, reduces costs and provides a better lifestyle balance for our team. Plus by using the best digital technology to communicate and collaborate, we can walk our talk, consistent with our core aim of making sure our clients achieve greater business freedom. And it’s better for the planet, reducing office and travel costs!

Founder Robert C Robertson

You can check out some of our team profiles here on our sister company but for now let’s introduce you to Robert C Robertson, the founder of Unboxed Digital. Robert known as Rob in real life, is driven to help business owners create freedom. This is supporting them with the right strategy, content and technology to deliver highly profitable online courses. To empower greater financial and time freedom.

His background as a passionate coach and technology trainer, with his Cert IV qualification in learning and development, provide proven skills in learning delivery, digital strategy and design.

Rob built his first website in 1998 by learning how to write HTML code. His passion for technology dates back to his school days when he learnt how to write software on his home computer. He then went on to Lincoln University near Christchurch in New Zealand to graduate with a computer science degree.

Today he is very passionate about technology and productivity tools, particularly WordPress for websites, Groundhogg for marketing automation and Learndash for advanced management of online learning, as well as a host of other cloud technology to empower business owners to achieve greater freedom.

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As the speed of technology-change increases, so does the array of new technology that can empower people to automate, grow income and find new business freedom.

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